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  • ●以九月初到隔年六月底為一學年,共分兩學期。每年也固定舉辦兩次大型活動:中國新年慶祝活動及學期結束餐會。




The beauty of Chinese caracters

The early form of many Chinese characters may seem quite complicated, but if you know how to disassemble and analyze the characters, you will find that most of their structures are very logical and reasonable. I think that the “original characters” will always be the unshakable foundation of academic research in Chinese etymology. More importantly, through the “original characters”, you are able to come face-to-face with the wise and ancestral inventors of Chinese characters, and be introduced to splendid Chinese cultural traditions in domains such as technology, art, architecture and culture. And of course, it can also give people a glimpse into ancient China, in particular its geographical sceneries and the seeming life of its ordinary citizens.


China: Empire of Living Symbols  




In Feburary 1999, a group of Taiwanese mothers who had left their homeland having married into Swiss families, joined forces to establish le Groupe du Chinois Mandarin, a Chinese-language school in Geneva. They were motivated by their eagerness to ensure that their children, despite growing up in Switzerland, would still speak their mother tongue.

In the past 20 years, our school has flourished and garnered the support of the overseas Chinese-speaking community in the region, while maintaining its founding principles of being a non-profit, non-religious and apolitical organization.

Our mission is to provide a space where traditional Chinese culture is celebrated and to foster a community of Chinese-language lovers. Above all we are deeply committed to delivering excellency in our teaching of the Chinese language.




Two semesters per year, CHF 380.- per semester, per person (including annual contribution),

reduced fee of CHF 330.- starting from the 2nd member of the same family

“Pay per Class” option: 35chf per class, Please pay before your kids join the class for the day.



Lavinia LIU

Lavinia LIU / Principal


Wan-Ju ZHUANG / Teacher


Peggy YANG

Peggy YANG / Teacher

Hsiu-chun LIU

Hsiu-chun LIU / Teacher


Yun-Wen GUTZWILLER / Teacher


Jean RODERICK / Teacher

Lisa LUK

Lisa LUK / Teacher



Lisa FON

Lisa FON / Administrator


  • 2023/2024 registration

    Dear parents,

    Please find attached the registration form for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Best regards,


    Groupe du Chinois Mandarin

    Download :20230526040507-2023-2024 Inscritpion3languages-en.pdf 瀏覽 

  • La rentrée de 2021.

    Nous aurons plaisir à vous retrouver à la rentrée le 18  septembre 2021.

    L'Équipe du Groupe du Chinois Mandarin


    Download :20230526040507-2023-2024 Inscritpion3languages-en.pdf 瀏覽 

  • Best wishes for 2021

    Dear parents,
    We would like to extend our best wishes for 2021 to you and your family and we hope you have spent a beautiful holiday season.
    Classes will be resuming on Saturday January 16th and the second semester will start in February as scheduled, pending any last-minute changes by the government.
    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Best regards,
    Groupe du Chinois Mandarin

    Download :20230526040507-2023-2024 Inscritpion3languages-en.pdf 瀏覽 

  • nouvelle annee chinoise (l’annee du rat) autour d’un repas convivial

    Chers parents, chers élèves,

    Nous vous invitons cordialement à venir célébrer comme de coutume l’entrée dans la nouvelle année chinoise (l’année du rat) autour d’un repas convivial : 

    samedi 25 Janvier 2020 dès 11 heures

    à la Salle Communale des Délices(Mairie)

    Route de Colovrex 18, 1218 Grand-Saconnex

    Merci de nous informer avant le 11 Janvier si vous désirez participer à ce repas, en nous remettant le talon ci-dessous dûment rempli !!

    Merci aussi de penser à apporter à cette occasion un de vos plats et desserts préférés.

    En nous réjouissant d’avance de vous voir ou de vous revoir à cette occasion, nous vous prions d’agréer, chers parents, chers élèves, nos meilleures salutations.


    Attention ! Pas de cours le 25 Janvier


    Association【Groupe du chinois mandarin】

    Le 14.12. 2019

    Download :20230526040507-2023-2024 Inscritpion3languages-en.pdf 瀏覽 



2, Rue Sonnex, 1218 Grand-Saconnex, Genève Class Schedule: from9h40 to 11h40 or from 11h40 to 13h20 every Saturday